What is Person-Centred supervision?

Jane Johnson and Frances McDonnell

This workshop is aimed at counsellors who are interested in exploring and developing their understanding of person centred supervision and how to use it effectively.

Questions that might arise include

  • What makes person centred supervision different?

  • What is acceptable to take to supervision and what do I leave out?

We will observe a live demonstration to provide additional material for discussion.

This is an experiential day –

our aim is to create a non directive nurturing climate. It is the person centred process and the experience itself that are the catalysts for significant change. To be in this kind of group may be challenging. We will not tell you what to do or what to learn, but offer a space to explore the subject, and the freedom to draw your own learning from it.

Please bring lunch to share

Date May 9th 10-5pm

Cost £65

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About Jane

Jane has been counselling for 20 years and supervising for 14 years. In addition she has for much of this time been training counsellors from introductory to Masters level, at Keele University on BACP accredited programmes. Alongside the training, she has worked as a counsellor and counselling supervisor in various settings including private practice, primary care and the voluntary sector; working with individuals, couples and groups. For her, at the heart of person centred practice is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. She sees a vital aspect of being a practitioner is the ongoing exploration of what might be getting in the way of connecting at a deep level, with self and others. Supervision is a professional requirement. When it works well, it can also provide an excellent setting for some of that exploration.