PCCS Workshops Five years on

With the positive feedback I have been getting from participants about the content, environment and facilitators this year, the workshops are going well. I have never had to cancel any, and most have run full. I was really sad to cancel Peter’s (Sanders) day and he feels unable to commit to another. As most of you will probably know he had a heart attack in January, that has subsequently changed what he can do.

John Threadgold, who I saw at the BAPCA conference, has now done three Focusing Oriented therapy workshops, two Level 1 and one Level 2. John has proved to be a very knowledgable and able facilitator of Focusing, and he hopes to do a level three (60 hrs to be accredited by the Focusing Ins). I am a FOT supporter, my ongoing learning has changed my practice with clients and supervisees and deepened my self awareness. FOT rocks!

Karen Lake also received good feedback. The Attachment and Trauma weekend was powerful, I learnt a lot that weekend, and not just about my own attachment style, but it also affirmed my trust again, as if I need it, about the power of learning in small groups. Working with metaphor brought yet more new people here to PCCS Workshops.

I was told that sitting round a table and sharing food at lunch time feels unique on workshops, providing the opportunity of being more intimate and encountering in a learning community over food. One of the delights of running PCCS workshops is that non counsellors are coming to all events.

I experienced the “Power” workshop as a place where there was an unfolding and growing trust during the day. People took risks, sharing of difficult places, where they felt disempowered.

The Therapy group goes from strength to strength. This will have been running for three yr s in the spring. We have a whole Saturday twice a year which adds something to the trust and openness.

I want to continue to offer a variety of workshops and may revisit the contemporary study days.

I also aim to continue to offer workshops and groups where learning is facilitated rather than directed. I love being part of all the group processes, Peggy Natiello has been my main inspiration here, my work and training with her being pivotal in my practice.


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