Update Summer 2012

PCCS Workshops Autumn Programme

 Newsletter and some Person-Centred Research

I have been running PCCS workshops from home now for over two years. This has proved to be very different from running them at PCCS Training, (and a huge personal learning). Asking for feedback on the workshops has definitely been a good move, and a further catalyst for my process and thinking.

After reading a piece of research in the WAPCEPC journal about experiential learning I considered my feedback. The feedback I have received so far has been rich with experiences of learning, increased awareness and personal growth. Given the self reflective and experiential nature of the workshops and the feedback I want to say “this is proof of the potency of Person-Centred non-directive groups”.  This is exciting, and I look forward to the experiences and learning that will be gained from the workshops in the autumn programme. This might be the start of something bigger.

Regards Frances

July 2012


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