Searching for Love

What leads to success in love?

Sternberg (1998) proposes that love can be best seen as a sort of prism, we can look at it in different ways, revealing different faces of the same phenomenon, each prism containing certain aspect or components of love.

One face of the prism might specify components such as intimacy, passion and commitment; whereas another prism could be the cognitive processes, such as intelligence, creativity and wisdom. The third face of the of the prism might specify the personal stories we hold about love, the stories that give rise to the feelings in these components, stories of fantasy, mystery, theatre or horror.

The three components are interactive, and although all three are an important part of a loving relationship their importance may differ from one relationship to another and over time within a given relationship.

Through our own experiencing and learning and through literature and the media we are exposed to a large number of stories that convey different conceptions of how love can be understood. As a result of exposure to these stories, we form our own stories of love, of what love is or should be.

What have been your experiences in searching for love?

 Date:  Saturday 7th June 2014 10-4.30

Cost:  £50.00 (waged) £40.00 (part waged) £30.00 (unwaged)

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