Encounter/therapy Group

This group is for individuals/anyone wishing to learn more about the nature of their interactions with others.  It is for those who would like a better understanding of their way of functioning, by becoming more aware, not only of themselves but of the impact they have on others and of any attitudes which may be self-defeating.

Maybe you would like to feel more competent in dealing with difficult interpersonal situations, or improve interpersonal communication and relationships? Be with others in a more helpful way and improve experiences of closeness and or intimacy?

This group aims to develop a climate of collaborative power where relationships are characterized by openness, respect, dignity, responsiveness and personal empowerment.

Please email me if you are interested in joining.

We meet on a Wednesday evening once a month .7-9.30.

Cost:  £20.00 waged   £15.00 part waged   £10.00 unwaged