Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 2 FULL

Deepening your focusing and listening skills with John L Threadgold

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for therapists who have completed my Level 1 FOT course, and want to build on their existing knowledge, skills and practice. This course may also be suitable for therapists who have had other Focusing training and who already use Focusing for their own personal development/counselling practice. This course is suitable for therapists who have previous knowledge or experience of Focusing or Focusing-oriented therapy. See Level 1 training by PCCS workshops

Course Outline.

  • Exploring how you are already using Focusing in your personal development and / or therapeutic practice.
  • Re-visiting client process, how clients use therapy, also the role of reflective listening and deepening propositions in therapy. This section includes more focusing theory on Pre-conceptual experiencing and its role in cognitions, and its links to the core conditions of the Person Centred Approach.
  • Further exploration of client process. The ‘four attitudes’ and their implications for therapy practice. Includes group experiential exercise.
  • The use of ‘Parts Language’ and its implications for therapeutic practice.
  • Guided Focusing, skills. Includes Guiding In to bodily awareness, facilitating the focusing process, and ending the session.
  • Use of Imagery in Focusing-oriented therapy.
  • Exploring the ‘Inner Critic’ , dealing with overwhelming feelings, and other process difficulties in FOT
  • Integration into your therapeutic practice, and further training and resources in FOT.

Training methods used in the course.

This course is highly experiential and participative. Training methods include some direct teaching, question and answer sessions, group discussions, group experiential exercises, pair work and triad work. I believe that the best way of understanding FOT, is to experience it direct and this is fully reflected in this course.

Date: 1st/2nd April 2017

Cost: £140

Lunch: This includes my home-made organic vegetable soup and fresh bread for lunch on Saturday

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Information about John Threadgold.

I am BACP accredited for Counselling and Psychotherapy and hold an MA in Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy. I am also recognised by the Focusing Institute as a Focusing teacher and therapist. I am a member of various professional organisations including the BACP, BAPCA, the ACC, the Focusing Institute, and the British Focusing Association. I run a private counselling psychotherapy and supervision practice in London called New Focus Therapy. You can find out more from my web site.

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